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Looking for something specific? Our wide selection of wellness goods is the ideal place to start. We stock everything from a wide selection of herbs through to natural supplements, health-focused personal care items, nutritious organic foods and more. Browse our curated selection of products online today or see what else we have to offer by stopping by our store in Birmingham, Alabama. If you are seeking to Be.Nourished.Naturally, Bama Health Foods is the place to start.

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Our Mission

At Bama Health Foods, we're passionate about doing good. We curate unique healthy options that have a purpose—to support our client's wellness needs. And we all know that when you do good, you feel good!

We believe that everyone is worthy of good health. That's why we work with herbs and other natural ingredients to craft nutritious, healthy habits that are good for you and good for the planet.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a better future, and we're going to do everything we can to make that happen. When you shop with us, you're purchasing with a purpose: to support others and yourself by contributing to a sustainable, ethical future.

Jacquie Fazekas

Owner | Founder

bama wellness advocacy

At Bama Wellness Advocacy, we are a non-profit organization that equips youth from under-resourced communities with the tools and resources they need to be nourished naturally. Regardless of where an individual lives, learns, works, and plays, our goal is to provide experiential wellness educational opportunities to show our youth how to live a healthy, fulfilling, and sustainable lifestyle. We believe wellness is rooted in culture and tradition. Our after-school programs offer a supportive and uplifting environment for our youth to experience health & wellness education, food/snack taste-testing and learn leadership skills that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Our Brands

health; apply; team; resources; thank you; events; news; one step; wellness

We Provide

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We pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of different brands and products at Bama. Here are just some of the types of categories of products that might provide the spark you need to lead a healthier, more naturally nutrition-focused life:

Blood Sugar Support

Detox & Cleanses

Healthy Heart

Healthy Immune System

Essential Oils

Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails

Herbs For Wellness

Healthy Food & Beverages

1 on 1 Consultation Services

health; apply; team; resources; thank you; events; news; one step; wellness


Sick of taking painkillers? There are plenty of natural remedies out there that support pain management. Our free one-on-one consultations are the ideal place to start.


Heart Health

A healthy heart is a happy heart. That's why we offer specialised personal consultations on how to improve your cardiovascular health from the inside out.



A Diabetes Management Consultation will allow you to visit with a Wellness advocate and learn how to manage and improve your diabetes the natural way.


Immune Health

A weakened immune system can lead to all kinds of issues. With our free guidance, finding the route back to health is easier than ever.


Weight Loss

Struggling to lose weight? Instead of fad diets, we promote a healthy method at BAMA Health Foods. Get in touch for a free personal consultation now.


Regain Energy

Low energy and lethargic? Our products will help get some pep back in your step the healthy way. 

Free Nutrition Questionnaire


There's no such thing as a generic solution to better health. That's why our one-on-one consultations are at the center of the service we offer at Bama. Our questionnaire provides all the basic details we need to support your journey to health - from medical conditions to mood, general wellness to specific targeted care.

What Our Community Is Saying

Ruby Miller

The staff was VERY helpful & knowledgeable about the concerns I had regarding detox suggestions, controlling my A1C levels, acne issues for my son, and herbs that would help a friend of mine sleep at night. I sampled a few healthy snacks made a few purchases and was given several handouts as well as a couple of vitamin samples as well. The staff at this location was AWESOME...I will be back!!!!

Glenda Moten

A very nice health food store in my neighborhood of Central Park, right up the street in walking distance from my house! A great place to shop for whatever you need!

Opal Hall

A wonderful place with endless amounts of information to assist you with your health needs. Many alternative supplements, herbs, teas, vitamins, minerals, and more for whatever ailment you have. Many healthy High Protein, low sugar, tasty snacks!! Diabetic-friendly options. The store has a selection of vegetarian foods, canned and frozen, plus more.

Lisa Marie

The herb selection here is amazing!! A true treasure to find out here. The folks working here were very helpful to me and my family. They were even understanding when my youngling was fussing about his balloon not being bouncy anymore (it popped before we walked in). I love the book selection too; and there are healthy snacks and cold drinks. That's a dangerous thing as they may get tired of me coming in so much, maybe not they seem laid back, love the relaxing vibe here too. Thanks, y'all <3

David Dill

This store is fantastic! I've been shopping here for 6 years every since I moved to Birmingham, and have never been disappointed. The products are superb, and the staff is very helpful. I highly recommend Bama Health Foods!

Jane S.

I enjoyed my visit. It was very inspiring and informative about how to manage my diabetes. I particularly liked my assistant, Lauren, who was very knowledgable! The owner, Ms. Jacquie, was pretty cool too. Thank you!

Jacquie's Latest Books

health; apply; team; resources; thank you; events; news; one step; wellness

Beyond the Surface

Do you crave meaningful relationships, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you feel something is holding you back from what you desire most in life, but you aren’t sure what it is. Having experienced a career in Corporate America, and three close calls with death, Health and Life Coach Jacquie Fazekas appreciates the process of overcoming fear, worry, and anxiety and emerging into one’s purpose. Through her personal, thought-provoking reflections, she will help you move forward from the places where you feel stuck and inspire you to live passionately and on purpose as you go beyond the surface of who you really are to discover who you were meant to be.


Unlock Your Inner Warrior

Your heart might be telling you that you are not a warrior; that you are no way close to it. BUT GOD. He has given each of us a strength that has his DNA. This book of teaching, inspiration, and insights will you help unlock the mighty warrior that is inside of you. Let God awaken the warrior and unlock the gifts that He has bestowed upon you. It's time for you to Rise Up and Step Forth into the journey meant for your ordained purpose.