Beat Inflammation With These Easy Tips

In recent years, wellness advocates have agreed that the best ways of beating inflammation are not through the medicine cabinet but can be achieved through much more authentic and traditional means, including the refrigerator and a good exercise routine. Here are some easy tips to beat inflammation and get back to your best.

Eating Nutritional And Healthy Food

Beat Inflammation

As previously mentioned, Wellness advocates are starting to come to the idea that the solution to inflammation lies within the refrigerator. Not only that but there are some foods that are proven to lead to higher levels of inflammation. These include French fries, deep-fried foods, red meats, and refined carbs like white bread. Avoiding these would be an excellent first step to preventing inflammation.

Aside from simply avoiding the damage done by some foods, you can take active steps towards a solution by choosing healthy food options. These include far more fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes and leafy greens. You can also reap the benefits by eating oily fish such as salmon, so you won’t struggle for delicious and authentic meal options while dealing with inflammation.

Manage Stress

This one can be tricky. As you probably know perfectly well, working and managing family commitments can be a difficult aspect of any day, and your stress levels can build and build due to the demands of customers, deadlines, children, or even just the result of making the simplest of mistakes. Stress can lead to the release of damaging hormones and is one of the most unexpected ways that inflammation can build up and do damage.

You can work on preventing stress in a few ways. One suggested method is through yoga or meditation. These help you to feel grounded and can help you to drown out the feelings of stress, helping you to get your focus onto the task at hand. Other ways to reduce your stress levels include journaling, practicing self-care, and consciously making time for hobbies, even when you think you don’t have any to spare. Minimizing stress can also aid your mental well-being on top of your body and skin health. It’s a win-win!


Many issues people experience are caused by excess toxins in the body, which can often cause unexpected damage and imperfections in your skin. Exercise can be a simple solution to the issue of bad chemicals running through your body. Exercises like jumping jacks, climbing stairs, or dancing can get your lungs pumping and flushed out and clear out your pores by forcing you to sweat out any toxins that may be waiting to cause damage.

Compared to medication and diet plans, exercise is a far more natural and affordable solution way to detox, as it is free! As both the more budget-friendly and simpler way of getting your body into a more balanced position, going for a walk is a good way to start reducing inflammation.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your inflammation, get in touch with Bama Health Foods today. With the help of our Wellness Advocates, you can work on a better routine of diet, exercise and mindfulness to prevent inflammation from taking over your life and leading to a worsening level of stress. It’s a cycle that can lead to worsening inflammation, so get in touch to start turning inflammation around.