Feeling Tired? Easy Tips on How to Gain More Energy

How to Gain More Energy: Lethargy is a subtle attack on your energy. It can sneak up on you without your being fully aware of it until it has taken hold. This might be even more of a problem in current times. Many regular schedules have been thrown away. A life involved with actions that you found boosted your energy levels might not be your ‘new normal.’

If part of your energy seems to have dissipated recently, here is a range of simple actions you can take to help give it a timely boost.

Rehydrate and Replenish

If you are dehydrated, then you can feel slow and sluggish. So, refill your water levels regularly. But it’s also important to always appreciate what you put into your body. Taking the time to understand a product’s nutrition label is an important starting point. Avoiding refined carbs, which tend to be low in fiber and nutrients, and minimizing sugar intake is essential. For example, a drink that can offer energy benefits can also have a very high sugar content when rehydrating.

You’ll appreciate that replenishing essential nutrients can also help counter weariness. For example, eating a handful of nuts (provided you are not allergic) offers a nutritious boost. Other tastes, perhaps a personal favorite, can offer a self-boost. For some people, peppermint is an example of this.

Other snacks, especially if they offer a combination of slow-burn carbohydrates and protein, can boost energy and lower blood sugar levels over some time. Think of eggs, peanut butter, granola, beautiful fresh fruit, and berries as possibilities.

How to Gain More Energy

At this stage, it’s also worth mentioning that a well-balanced breakfast remains the go-to way to provide the first energy boost of a working – or playful – day! But it’s also fair to say that a stodgy start can lead to a sluggish one! Other examples: for main meals, one foodstuff to consider is fatty fish – rich in omega-3 acids. Also, probiotic foods, such as yogurt, can improve the health of your gut.

Working It Out

Frustration can often lead to lethargy. Taking a few minutes to exercise, perhaps no more than a brisk 10-minute walk during a break can make all the difference. If you spend a lot of time on the telephone, merely standing up for a proportion of your calls can improve your energy levels!

Listen To Walkin’ In The Sunshine

This Roger Miller track can help in a couple of ways. Firstly, the simple act of getting outside and safely soaking in some rays can improve your mood. Time spent this way may enhance your ability to work during the day, absorb new information, or handle a first-time task.

Equally, it might not be this specific song, but you’ll have a favorite where you can give a self-boosting performance if you grab a hairbrush, stapler, or water bottle. Of course, we can’t guarantee this result for your unfortunate (perhaps) audience!

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