How Seniors Can Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle Using Innovative Tech

Aging in place can be an ideal option for older adults. With technological advancement, it has become an even safer option for many people enjoying their golden years. Through assistive devices and medical alert systems, seniors can stay safe and independent, even as their health needs change.

There are many gadgets, homecare services, and apps that can assist seniors to remain in the familiarity of their homes longer and while staying connected with their loved ones. Bama Health Foods presents some of the technologies helping seniors solve different problems.

Video Chatting Services and Apps

Healthy Lifestyle Using Innovative Tech

Among the easiest ways to connect with family and friends is through video chatting services and apps. Through this technology, seniors can avoid the effects of loneliness and social isolation. Feelings of isolation among seniors are linked to higher risks of different mental and physical conditions, including heart disease, a weakened immune system, depression, anxiety, and obesity.

The University of Manchester notes that being able to connect with family through video can lower the effects of loneliness. Services like Skype and Facetime allow you to call loved ones and see their beautiful faces, even when they live far away. This can be an ideal way to chat with grandbabies, helping you stay connected.

For the best experience using this form of communication, it’s important to have a quality headset when using Skype or Zoom. Finding the right headset is especially important if your aging loved one has hearing problems. You can find a good pair within your budget to ensure excellent sound quality when connecting with loved ones. Or, as Age Space points out, you may want to invest in some assistive technology to ensure grandma and grandpa hear every precious word of your conversations.

Virtual Retirement Communities

You can use the internet to explore virtual retirement communities. For seniors who are active and need a low level of care, these retirement communities are an excellent option. The communities allow individuals to stay in their own homes.

With virtual communities, you can find different programs and services, which include assistance with medical appointments, transportation, and group outings. This works like independent retirement villages, but in this case, seniors remain in their homes.

Another benefit of joining a virtual community is that it gives one a way to connect with other seniors. After paying for your house and other living utilities, you will find virtual retirement communities an affordable service that provides you care when you need it.

Of course, you always have the brick-and-mortar choice. Those searching for senior-friendly housing should take advantage of the wealth of information available online. You can research accessible homes via real estate websites, or assisted living options. There are more than 20 facilities in Birmingham alone.

To get a better understanding of your current situation and state of wellbeing, check out the resources from Bama Health Foods, including their Facebook sessions and YouTube videos.

Transportation Services for Seniors

For seniors who cannot drive, or prefer not to, there are transportation options they can get through ridesharing apps. Among the most popular you can find include Lyft and Uber. With these services, all you require is to enter your destination and pick a ride.

The app sends an alert when the driver will arrive, so you can just hop in and travel to your destination. These services are perfect for seniors who prefer to stay independent but lack the ability to drive.

Food Delivery Services

As one ages, it becomes vital to maintain proper nutrition to prevent diseases and supply the body with nutrients needed to function efficiently. If you cannot cook and want to get good meals, you can use food delivery services, making it easy for you to have means and groceries delivered to you. If your loved one still enjoys preparing their meals, delivery boxes like HelloFresh and Mindful Chef are great options. And there are always restaurant and full meal delivery services like Green Chef and Blue Apron. There are even options for specific dietary requirements.


Growing older should not always mean losing your independence. With these apps and services, you can maintain that independence and make your life easier. For transportation, you can use apps like Lyft and Uber. When you need something to eat, food delivery apps allow you to order what you want quickly. And with video chats, you can stay connected to friends and family no matter how far away you are.

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