How to Motivate Your Kids to Take Better Care of Themselves

Much has been said about self-care these days, and rightly so, as self-care should be a necessary practice in everyone’s lives – including your child’s. If it isn’t, Bama Health Foods reveals some ways you can motivate your kids to take better care of themselves.

Teach them how to care for their most basic needs

Teaching your kids how to take care of their basic needs, such as practicing proper hygiene and eating healthier, is something they’ll need to learn sooner rather than later. Moreover, it’s about teaching them how to choose the best alternative for them and not just the most suitable or convenient option for convenience’s sake.

Limit screen time

While technology is a huge factor in our lives (and our kids’ lives) nowadays, it’s important not to let them become so wrapped up in screen time that they lose sight of themselves. So instead of allowing them to resort to screen time when bored, it may be better to distract them with more informative activities designed to stimulate the brain. For example, plenty of educational board games are available that the whole family can join in on and bond over. Then there are always outdoor activities that you could encourage them to participate in. Furthermore, outdoor play and exercise are highly beneficial for growing minds and bodies.


Encourage them to talk about their feelings

Learning to communicate one’s feelings is an excellent life skill, especially as kids transition into adolescence. Creating an atmosphere of open communication is, therefore, vital in allowing children to express their feelings and emotions without repressing them, which can sometimes end in dire consequences. 

Allow time for just doing nothing

While practicing the art of doing nothing at all may sound ridiculous for some, teaching your kids how to relish quiet time or me time is essential for their well-being. Furthermore, experiencing downtime often can help relax your child’s mind and improve their clarity and focus. 

Encourage them to follow their true passion in life

One of the greatest things one can do in life is to work to live, not the other way around. In other words, it’s always a good idea to do a job you’re passionate about rather than doing any old job just for the sake of it. Therefore, encourage your kids to pursue their passion from a young age. 

Create a pleasant and calmer home environment

Making sure your child’s home environment is conducive to mental health is another step you can take to ensure your child grows up as carefree as they should be. You can create a more uplifting environment and lighten the mood in the home by decluttering unkempt spaces, letting in more light and fresh air, using calming aromatherapy oils and diffusers, and decorating with more houseplants.

Prioritize your children

Making time for your kids is important if you want to teach them to become better versions of themselves. You might want to consider having a set plan in place so that you do follow through with this. You could incorporate spending time with them as they help you with chores. Or, you could prioritize spending those extra 10 minutes before bedtime with them or plan special excursions every so often so that you can teach them about these important life lessons.

Go somewhere

Another great way to rest and refuel while demonstrating essential planning and responsibility skills is to take a trip. This could mean visiting a relative, going to a national park, or taking your family to Disney World if you’re feeling adventurous! With that last option, you also have the chance to demonstrate how to conduct research so that you can plan your itinerary and set your budget. Also, there are resources like Mouse Life Today that can help!

Seek assistance if necessary

Suppose your child is suffering from anxiety or depression, and you need clinical help to help treat this, then an online therapist could help. Moreover, online therapists are more convenient to use as all consultations are conducted online and are often more affordable. Plus, you have complete access to different mental health professionals, offering you a free consultation to help you find the best match for your child. 

Imparting and sharing the tips above with your child is vital to rearing children who are well mentally and emotionally so that they can thrive at every stage of growing up. 

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