BHF Anxiety And Stress Control 30 ct.



Advanced Natural Anti-Stress Blend- This product is a convenient, easy to use formula designed to help you relax and release day-to-day stress so your body can begin to naturally recover and regenerate. Our proprietary blend is specifically designed to release stress, reduce anxiety, and remove tension. yStress also includes additional nutritional support that helps rebalance systems in your body that are commonly affected by mental, physical, and emotional stress. Take it as needed or as part of your daily routine to achieve complete well being.

Featuring Sensoril
The scientific credentials of Sensoril are second to none. In fact, the body of scientific research on Sensoril is so extensive and so compelling that Sensoril has been substantiated for numerous structure/function claims in accordance with the requirements of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

Works within Minutes
Improves Clarity and Focus
Removes Tension
No Side Effects
Re-Nourish & Re-Balance the System
Non-Habit Forming

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30 ct.

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