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Ready Fiber is a highly concentrated prebiotic fiber supplement that allows you to easily get 54% of your daily fiber in one ounce of clear liquid. The days of gunky powders and handfuls of pills are over. Plus, every serving includes prebiotics, which support healthy digestion and a strong immune system by nourishing the beneficial bacteria in your gut. These prebiotics also supercharge any probiotic supplement you may take.

how can ready fiber® benefit you?
Support your intestinal microflora, an essential part of a strong immune system*
Promotes regularity and relief from occasional constipation*
Supports weight loss programs*
Supports healthy cholesterol within normal levels*
Promotes healthy digestion and intestinal microflora*
what makes ready fiber® special?
Immune Support Starts in Your Gut: Ready Fiber contains the prebiotic F.O.S. Prebiotics nourish your body’s natural intestinal microflora, which cutting-edge science shows is your body’s first line of defense for your body’s immune system.
300% More Fiber: This contains 54% of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of fiber per ounce (12 grams) – 300% MORE FIBER than the leading supplements. (1)
Prebiotic Support: Ready Fiber contains the prebiotic F.O.S. for additional digestive support.
Ready To Use: NO mixing, stirring, shaking, or water required – and can be used “as is” or can be mixed with any food or beverage.
Proven Safe: Ready Fiber does NOT affect the absorption of other supplements or medicines like other fiber supplements.
Low Calorie: Unlike other fibers, Ready Fiber’s exclusive fiber has only 1 calorie per gram of carbohydrates, compared to 4 calories in others.

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