Men’s Once Daily Veg Tabs 30 ct.



Many of us know that trying to get in all the nutrients we need each and every day can be challenging, and taking a multivitamin/multimineral is a good way to support nutritional gaps in the diet. With many juggling work, family, errands, sports, and other activities on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget about taking a multivitamin. Men’s Once Daily multi contains not only basic nutritional support of vitamins and minerals in one vegetarian tablet, but also key ingredients observed in studies to support men’s health, including a variety of herbs, green foods, probiotics, and enzymes. Vegetarian One-a-Day Tablet

Iron Free

Contains nutrient amounts tailored to the adult male

Contains nutrients beneficial to men

Enzymes to assist digestion

A must in multivitamin/mineral sections and men’s health sections

Great for men looking for a multi with uniquely tailored ingredients

Fast growing popularity among adult males

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30 ct.

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Vegan Tablets



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