Regalabs Goldenseal Plus 7, 60 capsules



Goldenseal Plus 7 is a unique Regalabs detoxification formula that has been a top seller for over 25 years. Customers have used this product to cleanse the entire system within a short amount of time. There is nothing else on the market today that compares to its effectiveness. The formula’s ingredients include a variety of cleansing herbs. Goldenseal (contains Berberine) is a detoxifying herb that can kill bacteria, fungi, & parasites. Burdock root promotes perspiration thus eliminating toxins through the skin and may help release water retention, stimulate digestion, & aid kidney, liver and gallbladder function. Red clover and yellow dock are blood purifiers. Milk thistle can help to regenerate the liver. Beet root contains high levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Finally, bentonite clay has a negative charge which allows the clay to attract only substances that have a positive charge, such as toxins, harmful bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals and pathogens.

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