Our Team

Meet Our Team


Our friendly, passionate, and health-focused team is what makes Bama Health so incredible. Every person on our staff is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and promoting health for others. Whether it’s sourcing ethical, health-focused brands to stock in-store or providing insight into the best health products for you in-store, every member of team Bama is valued and does an essential job to keep us running like clockwork.



Sales Associate

I'm PASSIONATE about self-sustainability, alternative holistic living, herbal medicines, photography, and animals.

My FAVORITE HERB is Pau D'Arco because it has been known to cure cancer and inhibit tumor growth. So many people have found great use out of it.  It's nice to have hope for something that is supposed to be completely unmanageable, not to mention this herb has many other awesome benefits​.

My FAVORITE FOOD is Soy because I use it so often to sustain my body and it makes up so many things I eat, being vegetarian.

I am always NOURISHING MY BODY with CHA Water™. A good multi-vitamin like Source of Life Gold or Life's Fortune. Herbal teas like Yogi Positive Energy, no meat, and a regular eating and sleeping schedule.



Sales Associate

I'm PASSIONATE about chiropractic, gymnastics and stretching, writing, reading, jogging, and revitalizing our community. I am a professional lover of people and health.

My FAVORITE HERB is s Uva Ursi - What does it not do?

My FAVORITE FOOD is Oatmeal.

I am always NOURISHING MY BODY with Jesus, Colloidal Silver, Life's Fortune Herbal Fiber, Aloe Vera Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pau D'arco, Iodine, and Raw Adrenals.

Jacquie's Story


My mission and passion are to enlighten, equip, and empower individuals, families, and communities to embrace healthier choices that will create a more purposeful approach to living and leading well.

I haven’t always been on a quest to live healthy and fulfilled. In fact, I was living in the fast lane striving for what I thought was “the life.” I had a successful career, two amazing sons and a house in the suburbs, but my high pressure, big stress lifestyle was leaving me de-energized, empty and sick.

I strived to have it all but failed multiple times in many aspects of my life. Striving for perfection was futile, but striving for fulfillment and significance was purposeful. I learned this by living an unhealthy life filled with deadlines, stress, and bad eating habits.

Maybe you can relate to that part of my story. The part where you are maxed out, stressed out, experiencing low energy, are overweight and all-around unhealthy. Are you seeking support?

You can change things up. You have the choice to live healthily. I made the choice and feel better than ever and you can too.  We’ve been given one life to live and that means it’s our responsibility to live it well by having choosing to be healthy.  A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercise and nutrition; it’s about shifting mindsets that don’t serve you well and bringing in a spiritual component to sustain you.

As a certified health & leadership coach, I am equipped to support your personal and professional growth. I am a “best-selling” published author that writes self-help and spiritual content. As a long-term single mother of two grown boys, they are my pride and joy.

I have lived all over the country but recently moved from Philadelphia to Birmingham on October 1st, 2018. Two weeks after I moved to Birmingham, I wandered into Health Foods West and I fell in love with this community health store and the community that it has served for close to 50 years.

After hearing that it was going to be closing at the end of November 2018, I scrambled to figure out how to keep it open. Not expecting to ever own a store, I trusted my spirit and guidance I was being given from God. Passionate about serving others, improving health through education and access, I started to put plans in place to solicit support in the area. I am proud to say that we will be here to stay and serve this community in a revitalized healthy way.

I look forward to meeting you out in our Birmingham community or in Bama Health Foods.