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3 Natural Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth but are trying to improve your healthy eating habits, you might find yourself conflicted when it comes to ordering or preparing dessert. However, you don’t need to go without a treat after dinner or whenever you feel like enjoying a sweet snack. With these 3 natural recipes to satisfy…
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Ingredients Procedure Peel and halve 1 cucumber lengthwise. Remove seeds and shred cucumber using the large holes of a box grater. Squeeze to remove excess liquid. Combine cucumber, 1 c plain 2% Greek yogurt, 2 Tbsp chopped fresh mint or dill, 3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice, 2 minced garlic clove, and ½ tsp each kosher…
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Lemony Hummus

Ingredients Dried Chickpeas Baking Soda Tahimi Lemon Juice Garlic Kosher Salt Ground Cumin Procedure Place 1¼ c dried chickpeas in a large bowl and add enough cold water to cover by 2 inches. Soak overnight. Drain water. Place a medium saucepan over high heat; add chickpeas and 1 tsp baking soda. Cook 3 minutes, stirring…
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Chocolate Protein Balls

Ingredients Procedure Process 3 c cooked black beans, ¼ c almond butter, 3 Tbsp honey, 3 Tbsp monk fruit sweetener, 2 tsp vanilla extract, ½ tsp cinnamon, and ½ tsp kosher salt in a blender or food processor until smooth. Cover and chill in refrigerator 30 minutes. Roll in 24 balls; roll balls into ½…
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Cinnamon Oat-Nut Crunch

Ingredients Oats (Quick Cooking) Chopped Walnuts Oive Oil Monk Fruit Sweetener Cinnamon Kosher Salt Procedure Combine 1 c quick-cooking oats, 1 c chopped walnuts, 3 Tbsp olive oil, 1 Tbsp monk fruit sweetener, 1 tsp cinnamon, and ½ tsp kosher salt; spread in a single layer on a large baking sheet lined with parchment paper.…
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Spicy Asian Almond Dressing

Ingredients Almond Butter Almond Milk Low Sodium Sauce or Tamari Lime Juice Monk Fruit Sweetener Ginger Red Pepper Procedure Whisk together 1 c almond butter, ½ c almond milk, 5 Tbsp low-sodium sauce (or tamari), 3 Tbsp fresh lime juice, 3 Tbsp monk fruit sweetener, 2 tsp grated fresh ginger, and ¼ tsp crushed red…
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Red Wine Vinaigrette

Ingredients Procedure Whisk together 2⁄3 c olive oil, 1⁄3 red wine vinegar, 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard, 2 Tbsp honey, 3 cloves minced garlic, and ¾ tsp each kosher salt and pepper. Makes about 1 1⁄3 c (about 10 servings; 2 Tbsp per serving)
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Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Ingredients Extra Virgin Olive Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Dijon Mustard Honey Minced Garlic Salt Pepper Procedure Whisk together ¾ c extra virgin olive oil, ½ c apple cider vinegar, 3 Tbsp Dijon mustard, 3 Tbsp honey, 4 cloves minced garlic, and 1 tsp each kosher salt and pepper. Makes about 1 2⁄3 c (about 14…
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Diabetic: Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake A delicious diabetic alternative to the southern favorite red velvet cake. An easy, popular dessert. Serving size: 1 square. Ingredients: 1/2 cup shortening 1 cup sugar 1 cup egg substitute 2 Tbsp cocoa 1 1/2 Tbsp red food coloring 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 1/2 cups flour 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp…
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Diabetic: Fried Okra

Okra, known in Swahili as Gumbo and Lady Fingers, was brought to America during the slave trade. Okra is a “powerhouse of valuable nutrients,” that is also high in folic acid and vitamin B-6, which plays an important role in your metabolism and physical development, vitamin A, which promotes healthy tissues and eyes, and vitamin…
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