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Community Recommendations & Partners

health; apply; team; resources; thank you; events; news; one step; wellness
  • Ensley Health Club - A functional fitness & strength training studio.
  • PK Fitness -We are dedicated to bringing awareness surrounding the benefits of exercise and the major differences it can make in daily living.
  • Senior Services - Health and education awareness, transportation services, and other resources to enhance the lives of senior citizens throughout Jefferson  County. 
  • Doula Services - A group of doulas and educators working together to provide seamless support from preparation for birth, through parenting!
  • Serve My City - Homeless organizations and services. 
  • Cerebral Palsy Guide A national advocacy group dedicated to supporting those who have been affected by birth injuries, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disabilities.


  • Yolaine's Enhancing Skincare Products - Skincare products that are 100% natural made with organic ingredients, formulated with sensitive skin in mind. 
  • Walden Farmacy - Walden Farmacy is a family-owned and run small-scale permaculture style herb farm located in Bessemer, Alabama.
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